Monday, January 8, 2018

IKEA Kitchen Makeover

So I'd seen a few different posts on Pinterest and Facebook about people making over their child's IKEA kitchen. So for Christmas this year I thought I'd give it a go!

It ended up being quite a big project and was really a lot of effort! especially with a new baby and a toddler to keep occupied while I did it all. But with the end result being exactly how I wanted it was definitely worth it.

I tried to do as much research as possible before starting this project. I was able to get most things for the makeover from Bunnings. I spoke to several people there about the painting of the kitchen.. a little bit mixed advice but it was still helpful as I am a bit of a novice when it comes to painting.
So we did decide that if we were ever to do something like this again we would do some things differently. Hopefully my experience with this will help someone else who wants to do a similar project to not make the same mistakes we did!

Ok so to start, here is a list of everything we needed in order to complete this makeover:

1. White MDF Board cut to 68x33cm $7.50
2. 4x 500ml Sample pots of chosen paint colour - we went with British Paints - All seasons 158 as well as a plain white (we ended up only needing 1 pot of the All seasons in the end so had a lot left over) approx $8 per sample pot.
3. 2x Gold Spray Paint with Primer - White Knight Paint & Prime $7.80 each (we only used one)
4. Paint brushes
5. Paint Roller $7.85
6. 2x Sanding sponge - Fine & Medium $1.64 each
7. Tape - for lining glass oven and microwave when painting
8. Gloss Clear Coat - Dulux $11.80
9. Undercoat - We should have gotten this but didn't. so if your budget isn't super tight, get this!
10. Stick on LED lights 3 pack - Magic Living $10.90

1. DUKTIG Play Kitchen $129
2. DUKTIG Cookware set $14.99 (optional accessories)
3. DUKTIG Utensil set $5.99 (optional accessories)
4. FEJKA Artificial Plant $9.99 (optional accessory)
5. DAI DAI Gold pot $1.99 (optional accessory)

1. Jack & Jill Wooden Play food - Chopping board and Fruit $14.99
2. Jack & Jill Wooden Play food -  Toaster set $16.99
3. Jack & Jill Wooden Play Food - Salad set $14.99

1 yard Shabby Chic Roses on white $19 (including postage)


Start by having a well ventilated area set up ready for painting with a drop sheet. We live in a unit so for us we had to drive over to my dads house every day or so for a few days to complete this project. It was what made this project take so long and feel like a lot of effort but it was our only option. We used his pool area as it was also covered all round seen as we had to leave it out over night for several days/nights and we didn't want dust or leaves or anything blowing onto it. I'd recommend a Garage though if you have one. Firstly we did a light sand all over the pieces that we were painting. Use a medium sanding sponge to get rid of the sheen so the paint adheres to it better.

We used the tape to line the glass on the oven and microwave for when we were painting. You need to let this dry for at least 2-3 hours in between layers. we rushed this a little because of the whole driving to my dads house to do it situation. but overnight between layers would be perfect. We did 2 layers due to time, but do 3 if you can. We painted the bench top piece white with 4 coats and then sprayed it with the Dulux clear gloss spray. The rest of the pieces we left matte with no top coat.

We then used the Gold spray paint for all of the feet, sink, tap, bar and hangers, handles and around the stove. DO NOT spray to close - obivously. It will start to drip and leave marks. several light even coats works best. If I'd thought about it before hand i probably would have sanded all of this as well to help the paint adhere. We then sprayed it all with the Dulux Gloss spray to help seal it.

My hubby helping with the building which we did in our unit late at night while Ivory slept.
 I forgot to photograph it, because it was so late, but I used the floral fabric for the backsplash which I ordered online. It took me a long time to source the perfect fabric. I ironed it and then hot glue gunned it onto a thin white sheet of mdf from bunnings. Then we used a few nails to hammer it onto the back of the kitchen. I used the same fabric as a tea towel and will be making an apron with the left over fabric also. Keep your eyes peeled for that blog post!

 These are the wooden play accessories I had purchased from Aldi a while ago. I decided to paint them to match her kitchen so I mixed the pink sample pot with some white and made a lighter pink. It was a bit of a last minute decision so they were a little rushed but it definitely made a difference to the overall look of the kitchen set up. Plus they were like new all over again to Ivory. I did this outside on the balcony again while Ivory slept.

With everything all painted and the kitchen put together we started the styling of the kitchen.

 The little Yankee candle was the perfect size for her kitchen!

You can see where I was a bit slack with the painting and didn't paint the underside of the handles or the inside of the toaster. I was pressed for time! (Forgot to remove the Go Pro from before taking the photo :P)

I am yet to sew the tea towel properly as my sewing machine is in storage but when I get it out I will also make a matching Apron for her.

This plastic storage container was from Daiso. Pretty much everything at Daiso is $2.80.

The play food is from Aldi and have velcro to stick together.

You'll notice that we also added little push LED lights. These just stick straight onto the kitchen. We also added one in the microwave. I tried to find one with warm lights but didn't have much luck.

We covered it with a blanket ready for Christmas morning. She loved it!

I hope this has helped anyone who is planning on doing their own IKEA kids kitchen hack. We will see how long this holds up! If you can manage to not cut some corners like we did then I'm sure it will be durable enough. You can use any left over paint for touch ups.

Goodluck! and happy renovating :)



  1. Ebony,
    It looks so amazing!! You put a lot of love and time into that kitchen and I bet your daughters love it. I will be doing a little kitchen reno for my little girls 2nd birthday gift. This was very inspiring and I appreciate you sharing. I love that you shared you are LDS. I am too, and it's the most important thing to me and our family. I wish you the very best in all your blogging!

    1. I'm sorry I didn't see this comment earlier! I'm slack with this blog but I will be adding some new posts hopefully soon! How did your little kitchen Reno go for your daughter?

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  3. Greetings! Had to saw I loved this project as well.